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Welcome to the first week of Terrorism: Legislation and Policy.

Following the events of September 11, the United States dramatically shifted its focus to the issue of terrorism. Think about how the events of 9/11 impacted you. How did you feel when you learned that terrorists carefully planned these horrific events? What questions ran through your mind? Did you wonder who might have orchestrated such events and why? This week, you begin your study of terrorism by looking at its causes as well as what motivates specific terrorists to commit acts of violence.

 Discussion 1 – Week 1COLLAPSECauses of Terrorism

Experts agree that there is no single cause of terrorism. Depending on the terrorist and the terrorist group, terrorism might arise from any number of factors including but not limited to religious beliefs, political ideologies, and perceived injustice. How do you determine which of these factors or causes are most significant? The answer to this question directly shapes future policies developed to prevent terrorism. For instance, if a terrorist group has a specific religious affiliation, that does not mean that all people with that religious belief are terrorists. Thus, any future policies created to impact this terrorist group need to be aware of the differences within that terrorist group and their religious affiliations.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the Course Introduction, located on the navigation bar on the left. Keep this overview in mind as you work through each week of the course.
Review Chapter 2 in the course text, Introduction to Homeland Security: Understanding Terrorism with an Emergency Management Perspective. Pay particular attention to how terrorism is defined. Also, consider different types of terrorism.
Review Chapter 3 in the course text, Introduction to Homeland Security: Understanding Terrorism with an Emergency Management Perspective and the course media, “Causes of Terrorism.” Reflect on the causes of terrorism.
Select three causes of terrorism you believe to be the most significant and consider why.

 Post by Day 3 a brief description of the three causes of terrorism you selected. Then explain why you think they are most significant. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation.

Note: Put the names of the causes you selected in the first line of your post. You will be asked to respond to a colleague who selected at least one cause that you did not.