Business Law #10

 Answer both question with a minimum of 75 words each for a total of 150 words.  Read carefully and answer fully. 

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4-H and Chuck, a farmer, entered into a verbal contract that required Chuck to deliver 20,000 bushels of corn to 4-H when Chuck harvested the corn crop on his farm. Chuck planted enough corn on his farm to produce the 20,000 bushels of corn that he was required to deliver to 4-H, but as the corn was growing, a severe storm dumped excessive amounts of rain on Chuck’s farm and damaged his corn crop. When Chuck harvested his corn crop, he was only able to salvage 7,000 bushels of corn and could not deliver the 20,000 bushels that he had agreed to deliver to 4-H. Does Chuck have a defense to breach of the contract with 4-H? What is that defense?

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Bill and Spenser entered into a contract on March 1, 2019, which required Spenser to build a house according to plans and specifications supplied by Bill. Under that contract, Spenser was required to begin work on the house by April 1, 2019, and complete the house by April 15, 2020. Was that contract required to be in writing? Why, or why not?