Biography Assignment /Final Project

Part 1
 From your personal library, school, or public library:

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Select a book that would be considered a Biography then state:
 A. The title and the Author
B. What you consider the appropriate age group for the book
 C. Who the Biography is about

What type of biography you would classify this as?
A brief reflection on the book.

No Plagiarism

Part 2  
Final Project/ PowerPoint Topic is Love

Choose a topic/theme or focal point of a lesson. You might choose loneliness, love, diversity, multiculturalism, national pride or a topic such as a season, water cycle, farm animals, and endangered species…the list is endless.
Write an objective: What do you want the students to know/understand that they did not know/understand before you introduce this topic. It may be a deeper understanding of a concept or introduction to something.
Once you have your theme or focal point find a corresponding literary item from each of the genres we have studied. For example, if I chose bravery as my theme I would look for a picture book that depicts bravery, a fantasy folk tale, book or fable that shows bravery, and so on through the genre. Genre: Picture Book, Poetry, Traditional Literature, Modern Fantasy (High Fantasy), Contemporary Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Biography, Non-fiction/Informational, Graphic Novel.
Attach an activity to each of the books/genre supporting your topic. For example, if you found a picture book depicting bravery would an activity be, reading it aloud to the class then having the class journal, tell stories about bravery, make their own picture book about bravery, draw a picture about a brave person…
Think of a closing activity to pull all your materials together and solidify the completion of your topic and objective.