assignment 45

apply the reading to a real-world event/issue or creative text of your choosing. 
The length for the application analysis is roughly 2.5 pages single-spaced followed by a Works Cited. 
Assignment Description:

The first paragraph of your application analysis is basically like an intro to an essay. Start by introducing the reading, author, and summarize the reading  (eg. In Homi Bhabha’s Location of Culture, Bhabha proposes/describes/analyzes/argues…). All summary and paraphrasing should be in your own words. Be sure to identify the different and specific elements of the reading that you’ll draw on to analyze your event or text. Next, identify which real-world event or text you’ll apply the reading to. Summarize the event or text in a few sentences and identify/explain any specific elements that are crucial to your analysis (like specific historical context, characters, scenes, interactions etc). Conclude by identifying what you’ll focus on in your analysis. This is loosely like a thesis, but can be more general– it’s explaining how we can use the reading to understand a particular event or a text.
Your next paragraph will summarize, in your own words and in greater detail than the intro, the main idea in the reading that you’re making use of. The key here is “in your own words.” These readings have been written on hundreds of times, so it’s easy to find other people’s examples of how to explain and simplify them.  You can reference and read other summaries of these readings to make sure you’re on the right track (that’s totally fine), but be sure to cite them if you draw on them in your analysis. Each sentence should be uniquely summarized and paraphrased by you. Summary can include broad examples to help explain more clearly some of the more complex ideas. Note that if you do reference someone else’s summary, ensure you draw from a scholarly reader or academic website; there are so many terrible and incorrect interpretations of the concepts out there that will really undercut your work. 
Your next 3-5 paragraphs will apply the concept to your chosen real-world event/example or a text. Each paragraph should focus on a specific element of the reading. You’ll need to quote directly both from the reading and from summaries of your chosen event, or quote from your chosen text. For instance, if you choose a real-world event, you might quote from an article or someone’s online description of what occurred. If you choose a film as your text, you’d quote directly from that. You can apply the reading to three different instances or scenes, apply three elements of the reading to one scene or character in a text, explore how the event shows different sides of the’s really up to you how you want to structure these paragraphs. 
You’ll end with a really brief conclusion that reiterates why this text and concept work together, and explains how the text helps convey elements of the concept.
Self-Analysis and Grading. Please include a self-analysis of your work that identifies areas you’re most proud of/confident in and areas that you’re most unsure about/feel like could use additional work, as well as your grade range based on the below.
*Completing all the above and 3 paragraphs in section “3” (the actual application of the concept) is a grade in the B range *Completing 4 paragraphs of application is a B+/A-, with the determining factor being the strength and clarity of your summary in paragraph 2.
*Any additional application beyond the minimum 4 paragraphs of application is a grade in the A-range. You could choose to apply another reading from the course to your chosen event or text, or apply the reading you choose to another example– it’s entirely up to you.
*2 paragraphs completed is a grade in the B-minus range, and any other missing material will similarly reduce the grade range