Assignment 2. Online Discussion Forums

   ASSESSMENT  ITEM 2:  ONLINE FORUMS: YOUR BEST FOUR  T hroughout the semester, you will make thoughtful, intelligent and critical contributions to the online discussion forums detailed each week in your study guide.  You may extend these discussion forum topics to other issues raised in your study that week or simply answer the question posed in the study guide directly.  In the spirit of encouraging an online community of scholars, you are encouraged to raise topics for discussion or respond to fellow student’s posting often throughout the semester. At the end of semester, you must select and submit your best four postings (ie.  of those you have written) to the online forum to your tutor.  Please note the following: 

Your best four posts will be between 200-250 words each
Each best four post will be from a different week (so you cannot include numerous posts from the same week)
At least two of your posts will be responses to a post from a fellow student or your tutor
Posts are due the end of the following week (for eg.  Week One posts are due end of Week Two).
You must refer to the study materials in your post and provide in text referencing where appropriate (ie.  Author, year: pg no – in text only.  No list of references required)
Post which either stimulate discussion or respond to another’s post are encouraged.  REMEMBER: Your questions and thoughts are useful to your fellow students, even when you may not be posting ‘best four’ standard
This assessment demands each student take some responsibility for the study environment – thoughtful, intelligent posts help all students, not only those who post, by stimulating discussion and debate.
Ensure you include the date posted and any relevant context when you submit your best four to your tutor.

Length – 1000 words max

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