ASSI 10(20)

Question 1: – You are a corporate risk management executive responsible for insurance, business continuity, and the corporate safety and security departments for all corporate locations. You are challenged by the following list of tasks upon returning to your office. Prioritize these tasks and explain why you placed them in your particular order of importance. 

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plies that she can meet with you at your convenience to explain why the 
corporate liability insurance premium will rise by 10% next year. 
Item B 
Telephone voice message. An accident on the premises between a truck and a forklift has resulted in two injured employees. The director of human resources wants to meet with you immediately. 
Item CEmail message. As treasurer of a regional risk management association, 
you are assigned the task of arranging the next meeting, including location, meal, and speaker. 
Item DYour “to do list” states that you must reevaluate the risks facing the corporation and implement an improved risk management plan that maximizes 
risk management tools and is more financially sound. 
Item E 
Telephone call. A security officer on the premises calls and states: he cannot locate a security supervisor; there is a fire in the warehouse; he can extinguish it; and you do not have to call the fire department. 
Item FTelephone voice message. Your boss wants to meet with you immediately 
because insurance covered only 50% of losses from an accident at a corporate 
plant. Item G 
Telephone voice message. An attorney representing a plaintiff/employee in a sexual harassment suit against the corporation wants to speak with you. 
Item HTelephone voice message. The emergency management director for the 
local county wants to meet with you about cooperation on joint planning and 
Item I 
Email message. The IT director wants to meet with you as soon as possible. One of the insurers of the corporation rejected the corporate IT business continuity plan. 

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