Art100- Extra Credit #2

This is an OPTIONAL extra credit assignment worth up to 5 points. You can submit to all options but only to each option once (so options can’t be repeated such as you can’t watch three movies and two TED talks). 
All extra credit is due by the end of the term and you can submit these any time. 
Art Documentary
Write a short response, 500 words or so, summarizing the documentary and how it relates to our course. Make sure to mention 2-3 works of art that were shown or featured in the movie. 

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Films must be approved by me in advance even if they are on one of the lists below!

Please don’t wait until the last minute to email me as I may not be available to email you back approval.
I won’t be giving approvals for films past Friday August 6 since you need the time to watch the film and write it up before the deadline.

Find a list of films here (but there are many more current lists online, feel free to suggest a movie not on this list for me to approve):