Advanced PC Applications

Submission Checklist
Before submitting your graded project, make sure you’ve done all the required tasks.

Create a database with multiple tables and a Lookup field table.
Create forms corresponding to database tables.
Populate a database table by using forms.
Create a query based on two related tables.
Specify a sort in a database select query.
Create a spreadsheet and apply formatting, including merge and center, to cells.
Use a function in a formula to calculate a value.
Create a Column chart of type 2-D Clustered Column.
Edit a chart title.
Change a chart style.
Type and format text in a Word document.
Insert, size, and position an online clip art image.
Create a mail merge document using an existing database query as a data source.
Insert merge fields, including an AddressBlock, in a Word letter.
Match fields in an AddressBlock merge field.
Paste an Excel chart in a Word document.
Merge field data with actual data to create individual letters.
Create a PowerPoint presentation.
Apply a theme to a presentation.
Insert an existing image into a slide and then size and position it.
Paste an Excel chart into a slide.
Refer to a spreadsheet for content to add to a slide.
Insert an online clip art image into a slide and then size and position it.
Apply a transition.
Apply animations separately to bullet items on a slide.