We are in space (AAS 106) in larger part due to the legacy of those who have come before us in creating space for us mentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. How can we continue the evolution of Ethnic Studies, Asian American studies, and Social Justice for the next generation?
Each section is worth 4 points. Please use Point (Topic), Illustration (Evidence), and Explanation (Analysis) or (P.I.E.) when answering each of these prompt areas. 

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1. What is your mission and vision of social justice?

Review the mission and vision unit (Community: Unit B)

2. How do you plan to hold yourself accountable to your mission?

Review SMART GOALS (Community: Unit B)
Review 7 Habits (Community: Unit C)

3. Who is your inspiration and what Wins and Lessons have you learned from them?
Review all of the Resistance Units and Hero and She-roes project. (What makes you a leader and how does your role as a change-maker influence who you are?)
Review Agency and Actions Units. (What legacy and legal space has been provided or need to be provided for your work to be done)
4. What resources will you need in order to make your mission and vision happen?
5. How will you measure the success and longevity of your actions in the present and future?

 This is a 3-5 page paper that will be formatted in either MLA or APA.