Anyone who is alive today is well aware of the popularity of social media and how important it is to have a presence on social media sites if you want to gain exposure for your business. Take a look at the facts:

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– Facebook adds 500,000 new users per day, or 6 new users per second.
– More than 2 billion people across the globe will be using social media by the end of 2016. 
But merely having a social media profile isn’t enough to keep followers engaged or to attract potential new customers to your business. It’s important to post fresh, engaging content consistently to get people to pay attention – and look forward – to what your brand is doing. As simple as that sounds – coming up with social media content ideas can actually be a huge headache. We get intimidated and shy about it. However, thanks to modern technology, we can use stock photos or depositphotos deal. Today there are many such services that will greatly facilitate your work. You can either buy such photos or be inspired by them and create something of your own.
After all, we can only take so many baby pics, #tbts, and #DamnDaniel references in our feeds.
If your well of social media content ideas has runneth dry, check out the list below for a little inspiration.
Company-Focused Posts
This is the most straightforward type of social media post because they give a little insight into your business. If people are generally coming to your pages to learn about who you are and what you do, they are a great place to start. These posts will give your audience a better sense of what’s going on with your company and why they should be followers.

Behind-the-Scenes Photos

Social media is a great way to give people some insight into what goes on day-to-day at your company. Take a photo of a company meeting, your products being manufactured, or the desk of your CEO. Behind-the-scenes photos give a face to your company and make it feel more personal. NYC culinary standout The Modern recently pulled back the curtain and shared a photo of its waitstaff learning how to break down and serve a fish:
2. Staff Showcase
Pick a staff member and feature them on your page. Share a photo, some info about what they do, and a little bit of their personality (their favorite things, quotes, etc.) Mailchimp has a great regular series featuring their staff members:
3. Product Photo
This is sort of a no-brainer, but one of the most effective social media content ideas is to post photos of the things you actually sell. Use photos to showcase how your products are used and what they look like when they’re out of the packaging. Here’s a good example of a new product shared on Facebook by shaving company Harry’s: 
4. Company Awards
Has your company gotten any awards or recognition for being awesome at something? If so, let your followers know! They’ll be proud of you. GrubHub recently tweeted about an award their CMO won: 
5. Company News
Company news is a great thing to share in real time via social media. People can follow your pages to keep up to date with what’s going on – whether it’s an announcement of new products and services, new investors, additions to the team, etc. San Francisco-based flower delivery company BloomThat recently let followers know they’re hiring via Facebook: