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My name is Shannon.  This is my final class. I will have my master’s degree in public planning. I currently work in management. I also have a home based business. I  have 4 kids , 2 are in college. One of the two just finished high school and is going to college to be a doctor. My other daughter is studying to be an engineer. I have 2 dogs. .

Part 2: Think about today’s relationship between the citizenry and local public agencies. Do you believe the discourse has taken on a more positive or negative tone? Why? Provide examples to support your reasoning.

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Citizenry is the body of citizens and how they interact with public agencies. I think this has taken on a negative tone. In Birmingham, Alabama, the citizens are not pleased with the mayor . The union of police officers is not pleased with the police chief. In Atlanta, Georgia, there were people who were not pleased with the Mayor, so she is not running for re-election. In most cases,  the people are not pleased with the efforts of public agencies and they want change .The citizens of New York want Governor Cuomo out of office. When people feel that their expectations are not being met, they get upset with the officials in the public agencies.