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Response 1:

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 In this discussion board I was asked and the warehouse manager to find the appreciate software for the warehouse. Who else in the selection team do I think should help choose the appropriate software for the company? One of the biggest things for an enterprise is choosing the selection system. ERP has been around for a very long time, it is very huge software that is used all over the world. To use it is going to take a lot of marketing, sales, planning, and effort to make it work for the company. I think people that need to be including in the section team are the Information technology because they are big part in the software. The it department also plays a big part they are responsible for making all the blueprints for the software it requires aa wide approach that will be huge in the scopes. The employees that work for the organization are able to give their input on how they think the system is going to work, and how they will use it in all of the different departments in the company. I think the IT department is one of the most important things in choosing the right thing for the system.  ERP try’s to work in all of the departments in the company. And functions through the company through the system performing all the duties that each of these departments in the company needs them to do. This software also shares information to other department in the organization. This software can lead to in efficiency and effectiveness. This software can be really costly and time consuming but will benefit the company in the long run. Using this software in different platforms can change the things that need to be changed in the organization and change it the way it needs to be changed.
 The important part of making sure this software in successful for your company is making sure you hire good IT workers. The IT workers will responsible for technical issues and finding ways to improve the software. There will need to be a leader for the team that will have to do all the research and planning to make sure that this process will be successful at the end.  It is important in a business to find the right people to work in your business if you find not the right people it could be a disaster to the company. A lot of issues have been reported to the ERP programs because a lot of people have failed while working on the technical issues in the software. To make sure that you are successful with using ERP make sure that the people that you choose to work for your company have the right training that they are needed for the company. A lot of transitions to a company can be hard so to make sure that it ends successful the people in charge need to make sure the employees that have got the training are knowledgeable about the system and know how it all works they have to take the old processes and turn them into the new processes in the ERP.
 I think to make sure the ERP is going to be successful and productive to the company the leader of the team will need to provide a mission and a vision statement that will make the employee support the required training that they need for the ERP software. This training will be required by the employee and management of the company. I think it is smart to hire people that have already used the ERP software it could really benefit the company. They will be more loyal and have a committed manner to the company. Other employees that have not ever used this software before may leave the company because they have not ever had to perform these duties before.
I think having the best ERP is great for a company. It does a lot for a company. It supports things like inventory, sales, purchase, human resources, and a lot more. Erp is something that will benefit your company it is very completive. I know this system all depends on how well everyone works together so everyone needs to just come together. One disadvantage of ERP is the cost it is very expensive, but you got to look at the benefits that it will have for your company and see if the positive of ERP out way all the negative stuff about ERP.

Response 2:
An ERP framework is in reality an extremely convoluted framework. It ordinarily covers the whole association and hence essentially every office in the association is a partner and ought to be engaged with the choice procedure. Notwithstanding, an organization might actualize just certain modules of the ERP framework and not the whole framework. Subsequently, it doesn’t bode well at that point to welcome every one of the divisions in the choice procedure. Just applicable offices whose work capacity will be changed should be incorporated into the determination procedure. Here is a rundown of the considerable number of individuals who should be associated with the ERP choice process:
·  CIO or its head office in the association: Regardless of which modules we choose to actualize, the ERP framework will affect the IT branch of the association. The IT office will be in charge of keeping up the framework and giving everyday help to every one of the workers. In this manner, it is important that the CIO is associated with the determination procedure. The CIO may acquire extra staff from the IT division who is more mindful of the distinctive programming and needs of the office, yet he should be incorporated. The CIO will better the determination procedure by giving business necessities of the IT office. Those necessities must be met by the product. There is no utilization of putting resources into a framework that does not address the issues of the IT division.
·  COO or the leader of the tasks office in the association: Once more, the activities will be affected by the ERP framework. An organization who is bringing an ERP framework, for the most part brings it to enhance its activities. In this manner, the COO is the center of the choice advisory group. COO will truly need to recognize business prerequisites that are at present not being met with the current frameworks. This will improve the choice procedure. The COO may assign this to other individuals who think about the activities superior to anything he does, for example, the head of coordination, the head of obtainment and so forth. In any case, it is vital that COO gets tied up with the ERP framework else it will be a disappointment.
·  CFO or the Back-Office Head: Somebody needs to pay for the framework. Hence, the back division comes in. A legitimate business case must be worked for the framework (counting NPV investigation) that exhibits that the framework will genuinely enhance the business. The CFO can do that and help assess ERP frameworks on a money related premise.
·  HR: The activity elements of individuals would change and there will be a great deal of workers who might be impervious to tolerating the new framework. Change administration is a major bit of the confuse. Subsequently, it is essential that change specialists be purchased in with the HR people who can deal with this procedure well. HR will likewise acquire business necessities that will help roll out the improvement less agonizing on workers.
·  Actual Clients of the Modules: Last, however not the slightest genuine clients of the framework must be incorporated into the determination council. Not every one of the clients are required; only a subset of the clients over all the utilitarian territories that might be affected. For instance, on the off chance that we are actualizing a production network module of the ERP framework then it is vital that we have some store network people in the choice advisory group. We might execute bookkeeping or HR modules also. At that point we require a couple of agents from those territories.
     ERP determination process is a to a great degree convoluted and long process. It is vital that all the satisfactory partners are engaged with the determination procedure. You additionally should be mindful so as to exclude “too much” individuals as that will back off the procedure essentially. A correct blend of individuals who comprehend business necessities is all you require.
     Most organizations generally get outside specialists to help with the ERP determination process. The outside experts get a target outsider conclusion alongside industry best practices and can truly enable drive to change. The outside specialists are additionally substantially more proficient about the diverse ERP items that are out there in the market. As a result of this reason, I very suggest acquiring outside specialists who can increase the choice group. In any case, again a business case must be made for getting outside specialists or not. Their hourly rate can be as much as $500 every hour and in this way, it is imperative that they give the incentive too.