2 different hws. one is 8 sentences the other is 500 words

1.explain first, why a cultural relativism perspective on Islam can be detrimental for our understanding of Muslims and terrorism. Please link your explanation to the following quote:
“This history assumes that people’s public behavior, specifically their political behavior, can be read from their religion, Could it be that a person who takes his or her religion literally is a potential terrorist? That only someone who thinks of a religious text as not literal, but as metaphorical or figurative, is better suited to civic life and the tolerance it calls for? How, one may ask, does the literal reading of sacred texts translate into hijacking, murder, and terrorism? (p. 767)”
Second, explain why a de-historized approach to culture leads to a myopic understanding of terrorism.Also, please feel free to note your personal reactions and thoughts to article. I would be interested to read them.

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2.The killing of Denise Brown Simpson was a perfect fit for a Hollywood drama. She was a beautiful, blond, Southern California woman. The suspect, her ex-husband, was an international star, a pro-football hall of fame member, who had created a successful acting career in commercials and movies. The Bronco “chase” before his arrest was the most widely viewed live incident on American television since the opening sallies in the Iraq war. The trial was broadcast in full, mostly by the brand new cable television outlets but also breaking into regular programs on network news. Beyond the horror and tension related to the crime, the case brought about widespread discussion of race, a topic often ignored in polite society. The country was riveted to hear Detective Mark Fuhrman utter the N-word on national television, perhaps the first time the word was heard in many living rooms. Write 500 words about the basics of the case and the media impact. Due Friday. Plenty of sources available in the posted. No personal opinions, only cited commentary.